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3 Cheeses Chicken Ravioli Bake

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Spinach Fresh (in season in March)
50gr Blue Cheese
50gr Parmesan cheese
Chicken Ravioli You can use Ricotta Ravioli if you prefer
Knorr chicken cube
2 Garlic cloves Finely chopped
500ml Milk
500gr Tomatoe sauce smooth sugo

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3 Cheeses Chicken Ravioli Bake

  • 60 Minutes
  • Easy



This recipe reminds me so much of my mother’s cooking, simple recipes using simple ingredients, and super resourceful too. I remember often asking her, “What’s in this?!” after a delicious meal, to which she would always reply, “I don’t remember what I put in exactly…”. She cooks on the go, depending on what’s in the pantry that day. Now that’s creativity! I’m sure that is how this Ravioli Bake came about.

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To make the sauce, heat some olive oil and sauté the finely chopped garlic. Then add a ready-made tomato pasta sauce. Once the sauce has warmed up, I add the fresh spinach (fresh spinach which I wilted earlier). Add the Knorr Chicken Cube & freshly-grated parmesan to bring a delicious flavour to the sauce. Let it simmer for a few minutes & season with black pepper if necessary.


Prepare an oven-proof dish and start laying the fresh, uncooked ravioli at the bottom, creating an even layer. Next, pour the spinach & parmesan sauce over the ravioli to create the sauce layer. Repeat.


Finally, slice the Gbejna into thin slices and create a layer on top to create a cheesy crust. Sprinkle also the blue cheese. For a creamy texture but without the fat, pour over 500ml of fresh milk. The moisture will also help the ravioli to cook evenly. Bake at 180°C for about 45 minutes. Enjoy!

The Cook

I will be sharing with you my daily experiences with food, whether that’s shopping for the right ingredients, understanding products and sharing with you simple culinary skills that I have learnt along the way. My mission is to make food preparation more enjoyable and rewarding.

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Also in the ingredients the tomato sauce is not mentioned. Plus no cooking instructions….gas mark and time. Cooking this right now 🙂

thanks for pointing it out Julia – the tomatoe sauce (ideally Sugo) has been added to the ingredients list, together with the oven instructions. Did you like how it came out?

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