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Chicken & Leek Pot Pie

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Adjust Servings:
150gr Stork
1 tbsp Flora Pro Activ Buttery
1 tbsp Knorr Granules
1 cup White wine
3 Carrots
1 Sweet potatoes
2 Zucchini
2 tbsp Flour (plain) For the stew
1 kg Chicken Breast
2 Leeks
1 Eggs (yolk) to brush the pastry
500gr Flour (plain)

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Chicken & Leek Pot Pie

  • 90 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Medium



My calendar for December looks a bit scary. I happen to be a little Christmas-obsessed, and so is my husband, so we are usually the first to volunteer throwing Christmas dinner parties among family and/or friends. Needless to say, we have a lot of them coming up this month and while I would love to be a domestic goddess, I also have to be realistic. So a one-dish menu is definitely a plus in my books. Say hello to my classic Chicken & Leek Pot Pie. I made this from scratch, including the pastry with a little help of some side kicks from Stork, Knorr and Flora!

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I begin by making the pastry: In a bowl, I rub the Stork margarine (room temperature) into the flour, using the rubbing-in method and lifting high to let the air come in the mixture. When the mixture resembles fine crumbs, I then add the water and form the dough. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes in the fridge.


I start by heating some Flora Pro Act butter to sauté the chicken breast, then add the vegetables to sauté as well.


Once sautéd, begin the sauce by adding the flour, then the Knorr Chicken Granules to add flavour. Then I add the white wine and the thyme. Let them make friends and become a delicious sauce over medium heat for about 20 minutes.


Once the mixture has filled the whole house with that hearty smell of homemade soup (and it has started to bubble up slowly), pour the mixture into a baking dish. Note that no pastry has been lined at the bottom of the dish.


Open the pastry (you may need to add a good amount of flour whilst rolling it since it’s quite a buttery pastry). Lay the pastry on the dish to cover the pie, cut out the extra and brush with egg wash (1 egg + water). Bake for about 30 minutes.

The Cook

I will be sharing with you my daily experiences with food, whether that’s shopping for the right ingredients, understanding products and sharing with you simple culinary skills that I have learnt along the way. My mission is to make food preparation more enjoyable and rewarding.

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looks good…but what proportion of flour do you use with 150gr stork…that was omitted ..thanks.

Thanks for your comments Shirley. Apologies for the delay. You are completely right, I forgot to add the flour for the recipe. It’s about 500gr 🙂

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