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Spinach Cheese Soufflé

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Knorr Chicken Zero Salt
5 cups Spinach Fresh
3 tbsp Butter Unsalted
2 tbsp Plain Flour
2 tbsp Milk (whole)
1/3 cup Breadcrumbs
4 Egg (whites)
2 Eggs (yolk)
1/3 cup Gruyère

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Spinach Cheese Soufflé

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Don’t be disheartened! Soufflés should be about taste not perfection.

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I begin by wilting the spinach in a large pan and drizzle of water at the bottom so the leaves don’t stick.


Preheat oven to 190°C. Spread a tablespoon of melted butter onto the baking dish/es and dust with breadcrumbs. Place the wilted spinach in a strainer  and let it cool.


Using the same pan, melt 2 tablespoons of butter, then add flour and whisk until a pale paste forms. Then gradually add milk while whisking, until lumps are gone and mixture is thickened. Add the Knorr Chicken Zero Salt cube. Remove from heat and stir in cheese until melted.


In a food blender, blend together the drained spinach and egg yolks. Add 1/4 of the flour mixture and pulse again until blended. Add the remaining flour mixture and blend again.


In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites using an electric mixture until soft peaks form. Fold the egg whites into the spinach mixture. Transfer to the dish/es lined with breadcrumbs and bake about 35 minutes until the soufflé is soft to touch. Even if it rises unevenly or deflates after baking, it will still taste delicious!

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